2011 Fan Photos

1. “52 Degrees Fahrenheit” at Peoria Stadium on March 21st (Cactus League).  The season began on a cold note in normally warm Arizona.  With: Tim Chambers. Fans Seen Again: Jamie Anderson, Steve Schatlenberg.

2. “Tear It Down” at Camelback Ranch on March 22nd (Cactus League).  Not all Cubs fans find the friendly confines of Wrigley Field to be completely endearing as one wants it torn down.  With: Tim Chambers, Jeffrey Gampinsky.  Met: David Andre, Jill Andre, Becky Moon, Frank Moon.  Celebrity Seen: First Cy Young Award Winner Don Newcombe.

3. “7:05 Surprise in Surprise” at Surprise Stadium on March 22nd (Cactus League).  Fortunately the game was only in the third inning when Tim and I arrived an hour late because we thought it started at 7:05 not 6:05.  With: Tim Chambers.  Met: Leonard Adams, Pat Adams, Brion Beetz, Christian Davis, Nancy Hallett, Denise Heise, Tom Leslie, Joseph Linn, Rozanne Linn, Larry Whitcomb.

4. “You Found Us in 2002” at Tempe Diablo Stadium on March 23rd (Cactus League).  The answer to a Giants fan confused about the location of the Los Angeles of Anaheim.  With: Tim Chambers, Brett Harmon, Brandon Velaski, Jenna Velaski.

5. “The New Stick” at Salt River Fields at Indian Stick on March 23rd (Cactus League).  Salt River Fields at Indian Stick is known locally as “The Stick.”  With: Tim Chambers.  Fan Seen Again: Susan Price.

6. “Three Generations Iowa Cubs Fans” at Hohokam Park on March 24th (Cactus League).  The strongest Cubs fans in the world aren’t just on the North Side of Chicago.  I found real fans from the state of Iowa, where they have Triple A season tickets.  With: Tim Chambers, Becky Moon, Frank Moon.  Fans Seen Again: John Antonoff, Mark Gallo.  Met: Karen Frank, Faye Senne, Violet Senne.  Celebrities Met: Bert Campaneris, Jim “Mudcat” Grant.  Celebrities Seen: Ferguson Jenkins, Pete LaCock, Gaylord Perry.

7. “High Society” at Scottsdale Stadium on March 24th (Cactus League).  Sat in the first row and saw it was where Scottsdale “High Society” meets.  With: Tim Chambers.  Met: Sarah Peterson.  Fan Seen Again: Shelly Lemonds.

8. “You’ll Be Missed” at Goodyear Ballpark on March 25th (Cactus League).  Displays for Bob Feller and