2010 San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K Run

Bay to Breakers in San Francisco on May 16, 2010.  Here’s the e-mail message I sent to family and friends two days later.



Hi Everyone,

On Sunday I went to AT&T park to see the Giants and Astros play.  I had some time in the morning so I ran in the Bay to Breakers Race.  This time I really mean “run”  since I did not walk during any part of the course.  I finished in 1:19:57 (unofficial) with a pace of 10:34 minutes per mile, which is three minutes per mile faster than my Los Angeles Marathon pace.  Of course it was only about 7.5 miles instead of 26.2 in the Marathon.  My goal was 12 minutes per mile, so I was pleased at the finish line.  My early pace was 10:18 but that rose to 11:20 by the top of the Polk Street hill.  That’s where everyone cheered because we realized that we would be going downhill from there to the Pacific Ocean.  Thus my pace quickened.  I ran next to big blue guys who were characters in Avatar.  So I pretty much went unnoticed this time after everyone knew my name, Dad, in the Marathon.

I adhered to the rule that one should stick as closely as possible to his normal routine in pre-race preparations, so on Saturady night I started with a great North Beach Italian dinner with super Giants fans Art Dikas (Joe DiMaggio’s 1935 bat boy), Alice Lucia, Nadja and Mel Fechter, Frances and Jim Maunder, Lorraine Bellesi, Tony Roman, Juanita Bailey, and my brothers Larry and Ron (White Sox fan).  After carb loading, I closed out my training session by drinking vodka rocks with my brothers until Midnight.  It worked.  I felt great during the race after being pelted in the face a couple of times before the race by flying corn tortillas.  That’s become a Bay to Breakers tradition.  They’re thrown like frisbees.  At 64, I just don’t duck as fast as in the old days.

Below is a link to Fan Fotos (Note: not on this web site) of me during the race.  Please don’t go past Page 4 if you are offended by frontal nudity.  And as a primer for those whose athletic prowess is limited to watching sports from a recliner, I was running.  Long-distance running is not conducive to pumping arms high like Bengie Molina or Pablo Sandoval hustling from home plate to first base.  I used them as examples because I think I could beat both in a foot race.  Hope to see you at a game soon.

Sincerely, Jim